Laser Hair Removal

Aleksandra Predota, Board-Certified APRN FNP-C in Middletown, RI

Why choose Scientiphika Medical Spa for your Laser Hair Removal?

How do I know that Laser Hair Removal is right for me?

What can I expect during my Laser Hair Removal?

How long before I will see results from my Laser Hair Removal treatment?

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Is laser hair removal permanent?

Although highly effective, hair removal is not 100% permanent. Hormones play a role in your hair’s growth cycles, which may decrease depending on age. Hair that comes out of being dormant after several years will need to be treated again. 

Is laser hair removal safe?

The diode laser used by Scientiphika MedSpa is clinically proven to be safe and effective for hair removal. The 810 Diode laser in particular uses longer wavelengths and deeper penetration, via high frequency, low fluence pulses. By allowing only the hair follicle to be damaged, the surrounding tissue is preserved and the treatment process is made as comfortable as possible. 

How does the 810 Diode laser hair removal treatment work?

Laser hair removal uses technology in which a beam of light is applied to unwanted hair on various parts of the body. This light is a specific wavelength that targets melanin—the pigment in the hair that gives it the color, in the hair follicle. When the light enters the follicle, it is converted to heat energy that destroys/inactivates the follicle, preventing the hair from growing again. 

What can I expect after the laser hair removal treatment?

There is no downtime associated with this treatment and patients may resume their normal activities. You’ll want to be gentle with the treated area and not use any other hair removal processes (waxing, electrolysis, or tweezing), exercise, take hot showers, or use hot tubs or saunas for 12-48 hours after treatment.